Everybody needs a Sandra in their lives

Everybody needs a Sandra in their lives. One only needs to look at the boys she is raising to know the sort of that person she is. Here’s an example. When news broke about our scary home situation, one of her sons decided to smash open his piggy-bank – & sent Grace Villa all his savings! A beautiful act of empathy, kindness & sacrifice. Sandra has raised them to know and love Grace Villa and the ethos that we represent. They are watching and learning.


Sandie Kajogi

. We see how you bless us in sooo many different ways. Even with your profession as a nurse! Making sure that our home is healthy. Bringing nutritious food like those special fat tomatoes from oba where for the girls to munch on, you check to see if they are being faithful with boiling water to drink, and you advise when they are unwell.

Best of all for us, we love how your life sets a living example for our young ladies. One of overcoming adversity by being a Proverbs 31 woman – wise, hardworking, kind, giving and prayerful – to emerge the success story that you are today. Happy birthday our #WeRiseByLiftingOthers supermodel, Aunty & friend

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